The Sport Fans Pass is a unique limited-edition product built for the Football tournaments. There are only 200 Passes for each team/country. It means the Football tournament will have a total of 6400 Passes. With the Passes, fans not only support their favorite countries but also earn fabulous rewards.

Pass owners can earn a whopping US $ 1.76 million worth of SFP tokens during the tournament. Fans can also win prizes worth US$25k. 10 lucky winners will be given away PlayStation 5 consoles! As many as 10 beIN SPORT devices will be given away to lucky winners. Whichever team’s NFT one holds, fans will receive 2000 airdrops for every game their team plays in the first round. Every team plays 3 games in the first round entitling NFT holders to receive 6000 SFP Tokens valued at US$120.

It gets more interesting as the tournament progresses! When a team advances to the next round, its Pass holders will receive double the number of crypto tokens. SportFansPass also plans to launch more Pass for the future editions of tournaments. Each game in the tournament will have a certain amount of tokens that will be distributed to both winning team fans and loser team fans that are holding the Passes, so fans need to simply cheer and support the team, hold SFP in their wallets and make money when the team plays games. In addition to these amazing airdrops, holders of Football tournament Fans Pass will have a chance to win multiple rewards.

  • 10 PlayStation 5 will be distributed to lucky winners from all Pass holders.

  • 10 beIN SPORT devices will be distributed to lucky winners from all Pass holders.

  • Big prizes to be distributed after the tournament final game worth US$25,000

  • 5% passive income on every match happening in the upcoming P2E game next to the SFP

Stadium NFT

  • For every 2 Passes bought, a free stadium NFT worth of $100 will be offered to the pass holders.

  • The utility of the stadium NFTs begins from the next event called Mini Football tournament or Mini World cup game.

  • The Stadium will be offering passive income for holders

Passive Income

Fans Players (Game)Stadium NFT Holders




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