The journey will start via the biggest event on earth, the upcoming Football tournament in November 2022.

Across the world, 32 countries have booked their seat in the upcoming Football tournament, and they will be going head to head in order to determine the winner of the tournament. Each qualified country was allotted to a Group based on their Rankings. Also a competition draw was conducted recently dividing the 4 Groups into 8 bands of 4 teams each.

There will be a very limited number of 200 Pass that represent each country participating in the Football tournament, where all interested fans have to submit their interest via a allowlist form, which will be available prior to launch. Teams in Group 1 have a better chance to reach the finals of the tournament.

Simply hold your NFTs and you will be eligible for token airdrops whenever your team plays a game.

Everybody will be a winner here as all the SportFansPass holders will receive three guaranteed airdrops during the first three games of the tournament. Thereafter, the airdrop rewards will be doubled after each round Fan Passes are not only a great way to cheer for one’s favorite country but they also offer a golden chance to own a piece of one’s favorite football team’s legacy. That isn’t all!

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