SFP will encourage its holders to actually be active participants in the respective sport. The NFTs will be tournament-specific and customised based on the organising structure and rules of the sporting event.

The carefully crafted structure of SFP will give fans an opportunity to not just own a piece of the game but be active participants in the progress of respective tournaments.

A conscious effort has been made to keep the dynamics free of gambling. Holders of Sport Fans Pass can get to be true fans by simply cheering for their teams irrespective of any particular game's outcome. However the opportunities to earn increase based on their team's progress in the tournament.

Holders of Sport Fans Pass will get to collect airdrops every time the team plays a game and stand to earn double the number of airdrops when teams advance to the next level of the tournament - thereby pegging the valuation of the NFT directly proportional to the way the tournament progresses.

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