If 2021 can well be described as the ‘Year of the NFT’, the year 2022 is when a great amount of rationality kicked in, trade stabilized and caught the attention of the mainstream. The year can also be described as the year when NFTs moved beyond art into music, sports, digital wearables in metaverse, in-game assets, etc.

Quantum, an octagon-shaped animation created by New York artist Kevin McCoy, is considered the first NFT. Quantum was sold for US$1.4 million at Sotheby's in 2012. However, NFTs caught the imagination of the general public only when the now-famous NFT ‘Everydays: The first 5000 days’, an artwork of artist Mike Winkelmann, was sold for a whopping US$69 million in 2021. While scarcity, emotional value and value for investments have been the driving force behind NFT trading, advancements in blockchain technology are creating more use cases for investors to join the bandwagon.

What makes SFP stand out from other NFT products in the market is its strong fundamentals, without elements of betting or gambling. This ‘revenue-tainment’ initiative offers dual options of entertainment and revenue to sports fans. This product allows sports fans to support and cheer for their favorite teams by owning sports digital assets of their favorite teams while earning handsome rewards in the process!

SFP has elaborate plans to build NFT products for all popular sports over a period of time. The founders believe that a unique and interesting product like SFP would revolutionize the way fans participate in sports events.

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