An exclusively built section of the interface is given to every individual Pass holder where all the primary interaction will be executed. This space will let the Pass Holders perform the following activities.
  • The Passes Minting process - The Process where the allow listed Ids (the most preferred and authorized members of the community) will be minting (buying) the NFTs.
  • Claiming rewards through Airdrops - The rewards are issued through this page. Every claimable and earned tokens through airdrops.
  • Applying for Giveaways

Fan Pass

The 32 teams have been bucketed into four different Groups based on the rankings of teams. Group 1 has the best ranked teams and Group 4 has the lowest ranked teams.
Standard pricing for Passes are $90
Passes will be pegged to USD in value but the transactions will take place in ETH.
  • The Passes collection will be issued initially on Native Marketplace and then on the Opensea Public marketplace.
  • 200 identical Passes for each country.
  • 32 countries include 6400 NFTs.
  • Specific country pegged Pass will be having a patriotic and enthusiastic resemblance of elements related to that country.
  • Passes will be listed on USD value where users need to purchase through an equal amount of ETH.
  • Maximum of 4 Passes can be bought by a Pass holder Id. The issuance of country passes is based on randomization. During minting, if a pass is purchased, the country that it’s denoted will not be disclosed to the buyer or minter until the minting process is completed.
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