Participating in the Football tournament Pass is simple. Fans, investors and NFT-preneurs are eligible to purchase Passes.

They can mint their preferred country’s Passes through allowlisting. Passes can be held until after the tournament. However, tokens can be claimed only if the Passes are held at least till the end of a token-yielding game.

Tokens are airdropped throughout the tournament. Token rewards for Passs are unlocked every time their team plays or moves to the next round. As long as the team is in the tournament, eligible Pass holders will receive the airdrops as per the smart contract built in the blockchain.

A total of 88 million tokens are up for grabs during the tournament. 38.4 million tokens will be given away for the Qualifier Group matches. 12.8 million tokens each for the Round of 16, and Quarter final. Semi-final matches and finals are marked with 12 million tokens.

Pass owners can claim their airdropped tokens at the end of a game in which their team is playing, through a dedicated dashboard.

  • To be eligible for the airdrops one must Hold the Fans Pass till the game finishes.

  • To be able to receive rewards, the holders need to claim airdrop after the game ends via the dashboard.

  • Each pass will provide 3 guaranteed airdrops for the first round of 3 games played by the respective team.

  • Total of 6000 SFP Tokens guaranteed Airdrop for all Pass holders.

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