MWC tokenomics is a straightforward, well-tested, direct economic system built to withstand the utility of the token. The SFP team ran a testing stream on different vertices and mock built market shocks to check the reliability quotient of this model. At the end, efforts made sure and shaped out a fine tuned Simple Utility and governance token.

The total supply will be 900 million tokens, which is distributed as shown below.

  • It's a single token system.

  • Tokens are vested for a significant amount of time to emphasize the security and longevity of the token's value.

  • This system is kept under various observations and then rooted out to be a Gamers centric system and it can be witnessed with the share as an evidential element.

  • The rewards are periodically structured to not run out of the supply. This tokenomics has a controlled environment to eradicate the massive negative influx of demand and supply fluctuations.

  • Reserve pool is designed to withhold some ample portion of tokens as a back to tackle the emergency situation.

  • The token system along with the rewards has an withstand-ability of about half a century.

  • A well calibrated amount of liquidity is offered to the users.

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