MiniWorld Cup is a new P2E game built under the SportFansPass brand and team where enthusiasm is never a question. As its developed to be a football game based on which its entire inspiration is, this game has obviously some minor variation than a regular football game but still the element of an essential fan to feel and rejoice has not been left behind. This is just not another P2E game to exist and interact with players, this is an ecosystem.

A first of its kind concept that binds various people types through an interconnected ecosystem where everybody is a benefiter. This concept has a set of NFTs for players to utilize in participating P2E games created by the SFP team called MiniWorld cup and a set of Stadium NFTs which has utilities to earn rewards as well as stated to be a wonderful art of collection.

This concept’s motto is to bring a utility for everything starting from the SFP’s original passes for the biggest football tournament to the upcoming stadium NFTs means its predefined to handle the next set of decades until its reward system comes to an end.

The tokenomics is a simple one though but at the same time its rewards system has a strong trajectory to withstand and sustain the different market conditions.

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