MiniWorld Cup

The UI Section

Like how SFP has a specifically targeted significance for every stakeholder through rewards, giveaways and memories, the user perspective also is finely taken care through the elimination of complex interfaces. SFP user interface is fundamentally divided into 3: the fan dashboard, the players dashboard and the Stadium owner dashboard. As the terminology portrays, these sections are exclusive for each type of user to interact, experience the ecosystem and claim their values at ease
Player Dashboard
This dashboard is solely built for participants in MiniWorld Cup with player NFT.
  1. 1.
    The NFTs minting section - the place where the preferred NFTs are minted for participating in MiniWorld Cup games.
  2. 2.
    Claiming tokens through rewards system after successful advancement in each game.
Stadium Owner Dashboard
  1. 1.
    Holding the Stadium NFT…
  2. 2.
    Claiming the rewards for every game that Happens on the particular stadium.
These NFTs carry a better weightage in utility than the Fan NFTs and the right wrapped around reason for it is the rewards that its going to deliver. Unlike a Fan NFT which is fundamentally a collectible with rewards for certain set of period as it is pegged to one of the events and its duration of time, the Player NFT is rather going to generate a stream of income for the holders throughout the validity period which is basically 4 years of time with one exception on the go is the renewal of the NFT.
  • These NFTs are as well limited to 250 per country.
  • 32 teams from different countries will be there like the same as Football tournament is inspired by.
  • Totally 8000 NFTs will be issued for the players
  • NFTs will be listed on USD value where users need to purchase through an equal amount of ETH.
  • The maximum no. of NFTs purchased per ID will be notified during the launch of the game
  • Like the same, these NFTs can also be traded with a small transaction fee imposed on it.
  • The prices will be disclosed during the time of minting.
Out of three NFTs in the ecosystem, Stadium NFT has got the best methodical way of earning rewards. The holders of the NFT can be anybody. Hold the NFTs and let the players do their job to make rewards for you.
  • The utility of the stadium NFTs begins from the game called MiniWorld cup game.
  • Total of 1600 NFTs issued
  • 8 types of beautiful stadium chosen to be the NFTs
  • NFTs will be listed on USD value where users need to purchase through an equal amount of ETH.
  • 200 NFTs are allocated for each stadium design.
  • The Stadium will be offering passive income for holders
  • 1000 NFTs are already set to deliver for the winners who own a minimum two SFP Fan Passes.